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Douglas County, CO

Unparalleled Emergency Property Restoration Services in Douglas County, CO

Decades of Property Restoration Expertise

Disasters don't always send a notification before they wreak havoc. When they strike, they leave property owners with immense emotional distress and seemingly never-ending repair demands. From seeping waters damaging your foundations to volatile fires disintegrating your cherished belongings, the aftermath of disasters can often overwhelm you.

Property Restoration Solutions offers comprehensive emergency restoration services to bring your property back to its former glory. Our team of highly trained water damage experts is ready to jump into action at a moment's notice. We are passionate about restoring not just your property, but also restoring normality to your disrupted life.

24/7 Emergency Services

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Tackle emergencies head-on with our elite restoration team, specializing in fire damage repair, mold inspection, and water removal. Call us now to save your property and regain control of your life!

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Specializing in an Array of Restoration Services

Whether it's fire damage, water damage, or an unexpected mold invasion, our team is equipped to handle a barrage of disasters. Fire incidents can lead to extensive property damage, not just through direct burning but due to smoke and fire extinguishing efforts as well. Fire and water-related disasters can cause detrimental damage to your upholstery, electronics, and structural integrity.

But the potential threats don't end there. Mold infestation is another invisible destroyer you might ignore until it's too late. Our mold inspection service is designed to catch and treat these silent threats before they compromise your health and property.

Areas Our Restoration Specialists Serve in Douglas County, CO

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Comprehensive Restoration for Your Damaged Property


Our full-service restoration company boasts 25+ years of experience, ensuring your property is in skilled and knowledgeable hands. We've helped countless customers recover from the perils of frozen pipe bursts and various water damage throughout the years.


When disaster strikes, we're available around the clock with our 24/7 emergency service. Don't let the issue escalate—call Property Restoration Solutions when you experience a frozen pipe burst, and we'll get to work immediately.


We believe in restoring lives, not just properties. We recognize that each job holds unique significance, and our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service tailored to your needs and preferences.


We utilize only the most advanced and effective restoration equipment, ensuring that every step of the process is completed thoroughly and efficiently. You deserve a company that stays updated on the latest technologies and techniques, and that's precisely what we strive for at Property Restoration Solutions.

24/7 Emergency Restoration Services

Utilizing the Best Restoration Equipment in the Industry

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Your First Call in Times of Emergency

I had been feeling sick in my apartment for months and had ordered numerous mold kits from various sites all coming back negative. So I called property restoration solutions and was greeted with a very pleasant and professional team. I spoke with a friendly guy named Ashton who scheduled me in timely manner, tested and took care of the mold issue. I highly recommend this company based off of their customer service as well as their high quality services! - Maddison P. Rating
Great company to work alongside with, and learn from! I’ve watched Shawn’s system create countless satisfied homeowners . He develops great rapport with them while navigating throughout the claims process and ensuring personal property is always being given the consideration the deserve. I highly recommend! - Francisco C. Rating
Property Restoration Solutions did a phenomenal job restoring an exterior wall that was damaged by termites! They took out all the rotted studs, wallboard and insulation, and replaced with new. They replaced a rotted window, and my new window is larger and fits the space better. I cannot say enough good things about this company! They were fast, friendly, knowledgeable, competent, extremely helpful, and very reasonably priced! I would use them again in a heartbeat! - Beverly C. Rating

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Don't let property damage wear you down. Reach out to the emergency restoration professionals at Property Restoration Solutions in Douglas County, CO, for swift, effective, and compassionate service.

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